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GAMES  Listen to our new Games and Apps music.

As with films, music constitutes the heart of games. Whether you’re aware of it or not, as you play a game its score is constantly affecting your mood and therefore your experience. Music is more important in games than any other medium, because the user hears it again and again. If it’s cheesy, uninspired or inherently repetitious it will soon grate on the player.

Our tracks sound good the first time you hear them. They still sound good the hundredth time.


MAN 043 “Games and Apps” is the first in this new product line. Each song contains a main theme, numerous underscores and loops, and stings and short elements for leveling up. A single song can provide many minutes of constantly varying music.

MAN 042 “Ambient World” is another new release which is perfect for games. It covers world regions from South America to Asia, finding the sweet spot between specific ethnic music and generic worldbeat. Tons of underscores and loops included.


We are one of the few libraries that offer the choice of three licensing options, each appealing to clients with different needs:tracks, annual blanket, and per CD. Our songs and albums are priced at different levels depending on the number of copies/end users for a game.
You may purchase for a low price to cover a limited number of sales. If your game becomes a hit you can extend your license at any time for a reasonable fee to cover bigger sales/more users.